Hanging Out At Steve’s Place

Post-EK Jam Factory party we ventured south of the city to catch one of our favourite bands in concert. Autolux played a surprise show (surprise for us, because we only found out about the gig the day before) in Beta bar, a pokey little by-the-way venue hidden next to one of Copenhagen’s bigger music venues, Amager Bio. For those planning a Copenhagen sojourn, Beta bar is a must if you love your live music. Seriously, it’s like hanging out in your mate’s garage only there’s a legitimately cool band playing and Jægermeister shots are 10kr. Though the venue can support maybe 120+ people, for Autolux we were privvy to a more intimate concert, with little more than 60 people at the show. And the band was a-mazing! It was perhaps good fortune that Autolux had a six year hiatus from recording because their hour long set meant an increased chance in playing our favourites from Transit Transit (our pick in the top 10 albums of 2010, by the way) and Future Perfect. It was the most awesome atmosphere of loud garage rock and noise distortion.

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