Resort Resolution

So, yes, it’s the start of a new year, dear readers, and we’re raging towards a new fashion season.  Paris mens first up in a few weeks. Followed by Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, da-da,da-da, da-da. You know the routine. But two seasons just aren’t enough these days. Pre-collections, post-collections, pre-post whatever-you-can-do-to-make-a-buck collections. Try as we might not to pay attention to it, we got a little suckered in this time. Holiday cheer? Not sure, but while most of what’s been touted as the must-wear for the in-between seasons has been a little bland thus far, we’ve been relieved by Preen.

It’s not earth-shattering. And there’s a lot of ideas thrown into the mix; nu-wave boho, lady-like volume, flower power print, man-style tailoring. Who knows if the editors of the glossies will care for it as much as we do. But you know what? It’s the start of the year. It’s a time for optimism, when the new year’s resolutions can be made possible. Too many ideas can mean more choice, and there’s a lot to love about this range. Preen’s resort is a far cry from their repetitive body-hugging silhouettes of seasons past. Does this mean another attempt at a return to a more “feminine figure” – which didn’t quite lift off after Prada’s last winter, as I’m sure we had all hoped. Or is the rectangle taking over from the triangle? Well, whatever the outcome, we like what we see. We’ll just have to see whether this precursor to winter is a definite sign of shapes to come during fashion week.

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