The Art Of Selling

It’s not in our nature to spruik, but while we’re on the topic of things to do-and-see in Copenhagen, we’re going to list another ‘must’ on the tour guide. The Art Of is perhaps one of the cleverest retail concepts we’ve come across. While boutiques often pander to a broad category of product, The Art Of approaches selling with extreme specificity. The store is thematically based and only ever involves two design concepts at a time, say, The Art Of Cooking or The Art Of War. Owned by designer Rasmus Barlby, The Art Of shares a fascination for industrial design. Sparsely fitted and furnished in Barlby’s colour of choice, industrial grey, functionality is key. Trend is irrelevant. When you’re in the business of selling there must be some consideration given to consumer wants. What makes this store so cool and so clever is that because every product has a purpose it echoes a want, realised into a need. Clothes that insulate the body? Totally necessary this time of year, especially with mother nature’s wrath of snow across western Europe. Wine glasses that don’t break? Big money saver, right there. The Art Of negates needless spending because with these kind of products it’s more like prudent purchasing.

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